6 mile commute

I thought i’d share a snapshot of this morning’s mission to work. Please excuse typos and as I’m writing this on my iPhone.


With little sleep due to an aching back, I had risen early to be welcomed by an ever brightening sky. Given I had spent 10 days shovelling chocolate into my gob and then proceeded to sleep through New Years in what can only be described as Mistry-flu, a brisk winter walk through London felt like the right thing to do.

Laptop stowed, and audiobook set to play, I ventured out into the cornflower blue sky with the wise teachings of Nelson Mandela ringing in my ears.

I’d cycled the route hundreds of times before but walking pace allows you to observe the City rather than only catching a glimpse as it flashes by. I learned there is a physiotherapist a few blocks from my flat, bake-a-boo has had a full refurbishment over the holidays and the crazy old man with the lamb chop sideburns lives in the ugly Council block next to the C11 bus stop all within 10 minutes from my flat.

The route takes me into gentile West Hampstead and then on towards Finchley Road and Primrose Hill. I notice a new build mansion with a Arabic man tending to his Rolls Royce behind iron gates. I marvel at his car and the sheer size of his home. Several million at least I think to myself.

The view from the top of Primrose Hill never really gets old. It’s beautiful and I stop to take several photographs. Morning joggers, affluent couples and the homeless all seem to be enjoying the surroundings as much as I am.

Heading southeast I remove my jacket and continue towards Camden lock, taking the canal tow path. The water is filthy with waste and litter but the smell of freshly prepared crépes at Camden Lock makes up for the eye sore. Camden Council should really make an effort to cleanup.

Still the Canal winds it’s way under bridges eastward to Kentish Town then on to Euston. The night’s rain floods part of the path forcing me to detour to street level. Seagulls fly over head feeding off the litter floating in the water, but I quickly move onto sleepy canal barges and over arching trees with bright orange leaves.

The canal heads south and I can see the distant cranes at Kings Cross as it’s skyline fills with shiny new office developments. The canal towpath is closed for redevelopment diverting its traffic onto a rather slippery pontoon. It’s single file, but I’m in no hurry as I make way for several spandex clad cyclists.

Onto Central St. Martins College and crossing the canal towards St. Pancras Station. The trees on the side of a long walkway are adorned with giant mirrored snowflakes which catch the sunlight creating beams of light on the ground and reflect in the office block windows. I, of course stop to take a picture.

Finally I reach Grays Inn Road for the final push south toward Chancery Lane. I’d never really noticed the huge Dental Institute here with its court yard and grand facade. The clouds are looming overhead so I don’t stop to look around.

I reach the office via a quick coffee stop on Leather Lane. One hour and 45 minutes walking leaves me feeling refreshed, clear, and ready to start my day. According to my Nike Fuel app I also burned 540 calories in the process.

It was well worth the effort and quite enjoyable. I strongly encourage you to do the same. #walktowork. Try it, you may just like it.

7° Mostly Clear
1–41 Sumatra Road, London, England



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