General Assembly – Transforming Thinkers into Creators

It’s late. My eyes are burning and I’ve hardly eaten anything all day. Campus is quiet now most of the students have gone home. I’m working through a spreadsheet trying to determine which classes and workshops I should run in Q4 given the amount of space we have available.

Transforming Thinkers into Creators


I never thought I’d end up in the education sector, especially as my own education wasn’t particularly stellar, but here I am, working with General Assembly (GA), a start-up whose sole mission is the help ‘thinkers’ become ‘creators’ through specialised courses and programs primarily geared toward the digital sector. Cool right? What’s more is London currently faces a huge skills gap, particularly in the technology sector. Start-ups and established businesses alike struggle to source developers, digital marketeers, product managers and skilled user experience designers. Demand grossly outstrips supply. This is where General Assembly steps in. Over the last 3 weeks I’ve met with students from a myriad of backgrounds and skill levels, each of whom has come to Campus to improve, up-skill, develop and network. Many look to us to help them with their current jobs, start-ups, ideas and career switches. Many of them will help bridge the skills gap and go on to become leaders in their respective fields. I find the whole environment intoxicating. At last I’m doing something that helps ordinary individuals achieve something exceptional. And I’m not alone in thinking this. Today the WallStreet Journal wrote a piece on how General Assembly might even represent a viable alternative to an MBA. (WSJ article).

Sure GA suffers from all the problems associated with a start-up but I’m excited by what it stands for and what it can achieve in London. What can I say … I love my job and I my team are awesome.

I do one final check of our 3 class rooms, switching off projectors, locking doors and rearranging desks. Lights out. I look forward to sharing a beer with tomorrow’s intake of students and teachers.

Life just got good.


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