Websites and Walks

Having completed a 10 week program with the General Assembly, studying Front End Web Development I’ve recently been applying what I’ve learned on, a start-up offering customised guided tours and walks in the British wilderness. It’s a side project, but one I’d like to grow over time as I enjoy the process and the creativity it affords.

As part of my course I was taught how to make a website responsive so that it renders correctly on different sized displays e.g. iPad, iPhone etc. Upon passing through Covent Garden this week I decided to drop by the Apple store to test the website on an iPad Mini – a product which I do not have access to. The result was impressive. It worked perfectly.

I can’t wait to add more functionality to the site and begin offering more challenging excursions into the wild.

Check out weekend-walkers for more info.



2 thoughts on “Websites and Walks

  1. When I’m viewing it in Chrome, if I make the window smaller it doesn’t react … same for Guardian website … however does… maybe you can explain why!

    1. I’ve set the website to adapt to phone and iPad sizes only. Anything in between doesn’t work at all. Need to create another mediaquery to account for desktop window resizing. On the list of updates to roll out.

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